It’s a partnership with the most generous sponsorship packages in the market with agreed fixed amounts paid and not tied into sales volumes.

Partner with us

Sponsor partnerships are a great way for both parties to maximise the benefits and establish a great working relationship through common goals.

  • We work with you to provide sponsorship (cash, goods or both) products, services or support;
  • Our sponsor packages are designed to maximise the benefits to both parties;
  • We have the most generous sponsorship packages in the market (well above the 10% industry standard);
  • No obligation on your members to purchase and there are no minimum sales amounts;
  • We provide quality products and a great choice for your members;

To register your interest and receive a call to discuss further please contact us.

Book your photo shoot and your Club will receive an “All of Club” poster valued at $500 for free.

Why we are unique in the market

We offer traditional team photos where the photo is taken with the team in a group OR composite team photos where we take photos of every player and create a team photo. We also offer a poster look on all photos and designs.

Composite photos are great in times of COVID-19 and allow us to create any design and importantly all players are in focus, smiling and perfectly. It is always challenging to take a group shot and have everyone looking at the camera, aligned and smiling. Our unique process means we can construct team and squad photos in great quality.

Why your members will love Brand Sports Photos

  • We use fully accredited AIPP photographers;
  • Your members can choose from a large range of photo and poster products;
  • Your members can view all designs before the day so they know what they are purchasing;
  • Photos are ordered online through our online store;
  • We come to training, games or specially designed day/s for the photo event;
  • Members have a choice of laminated or not laminating their photos (preference if your framing your photos);
  • Printing and laminating is always a quality finish;
  • A guaranteed 100% refund policy, no questions asked

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